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About me

I am an ED (eating disorder) warrior. Who transformed my life from one of self hatred, depression, food restriction and binge eating to a life of self-acceptance and happiness, now I share this to others through yoga, SUP yoga, nutrition and wellness coaching.

Heavily inspired by my angel grandma, I re-found the happiness inside of me through yoga, a healthy relationship with food and OWNING who I am, exactly as I am! 

When I'm not doing yoga or nutritiony things, I can be found on my mountain bike or paddleboarding with Hatha Paddleboards
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I healed my acne after 10 years and learnt to manage my IBS for a happier and less inflamed me through nyutrition alone!

My expertise is yoga for: Self love/ strength/ mountain bikers/ SUP/ surfers/ kitesurfers.

My expertise is nutrition coaching forAthletes/ disordered eating/ improving food or body relationship.

All my love, Casey Gemma x

Nutrition and wellness coaching

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For the first time since I was abouttt 1
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