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Building  a Body and Mind That You Love

Do you feel...uncomfortable in your body? Confused with ever-changing info about new diets that are impossible to stick to anyway? Are you constantly thinking about food/ body image? What would you do to be free from these thoughts, achieve your weight goals, AND make them LAST?!

My passion is to help you achieve all of this! I want to help you to find yourself again, to help you achieve a weight in which you are healthy, confident and still able to enjoy your favourite things in life (in moderation). Finding balance is the key to maintaining a healthy, strong body and mind.

Good nutrition is essential to physical and mental health.


I will help you achieve this by creating new habits through a completely personalised health & nutrition plan and dedicated coaching!

Specialising in: nutrition for athletes/ mountain bikers nutrition/ food freedom/ anti-diet/ disordered eating/ intuitive eating

Become a well-fed warrior

Online nutrition consultation/ therapy
45 min

Personalised Meal Plan

Fat loss, muscle gain, anti-inflammation, acne, IBS? A personalised meal plan specific for you!

Initial consultation via Skype or in person (Plymouth/ Cornwall based), to inform me of measurements, goals, preferences and lifestyle.


A 4 week flexible diet plan based on calorie and macros (macro-nutrients) specifically to help YOU smash your goals! (2 week rotating diet)

2 plant-based recipes included

Access to  private Facebook group


After 1 month, a check in email will be sent, progress measurements will be taken. For a further £30 new calorie/ macro guides will be given, along with 2 recipes and support creating a monthly diet plan.

1 to 1  Coaching with Me!

1:1 coaching for manageable, sustainable changes which help you SMASH the hell out of your goals and find confidence in your body!

Pricing options

One off consultation and plan £30

(PAYG basis £30 per session)


3 months plan £60

1x 1hr zoom consultation per month

Meal plan/ guidance

Habit tracker

& weekly accountability emails on the weeks without a consultation


3 month plan ULTRA £90

1 X 1hr zoom consultation every 2 weeks

Meal plan/ guidance

Habit tracker

& weekly accountability emails on the weeks without a consultation

All include


Recipes based upon personal taste


Meal planning guidance and support

Access to  private Facebook group

My journey!

Since adopting a *predominantly* plant based diet a few years ago, long-term inflammation in my body has calmed which has improved my skin and IBS MOST of the time. I have lost excess weight gained during years of struggling with binge eating disorder and have developed my strongest, leanest body by creating a healthy, delicious mean plan for myself based on simple principles, caloric intake, macro-nutrient content and most importantly nutrients (which help not only to reach goal weights but improves health, hair, skin, mental health and cognitive ability - basically every part of us)! Now, I eat intuitively and don't need to follow a plan to maintain my healthy body.



After years of being in a restricting/ binge cycle, finding balance between following a healthy diet and enjoying life has been the most difficult but the most life changing step for me! I was always on track or off track... on a strict diet, zero alcohol and excessive exercise, and when mind couldn't cope with the diet rules anymore and my body couldn't cope with the lack of calories... I turned to binge eating, BIG TIME. And binge drinking. I stopped looking after myself, as I felt 'gross' and unworthy of love. My philosophy became, nobody is going to love me, so why should I bother with diet and exercise. I put on weight SO QUICKLY, felt guilty, comfort ate and this cycle went on for years which was accompanied by a crippling depression. With the love and support of my family and friends, A TONNE of amazing books and some counselling, I broke free. I found love in life and within myself again. This black and white perfectionsim thinking is the most damaging thought process we can have and I want to help you find the same freedom from it that I have found, because so many moments are missed when we are feeling anything less than the beautiful, unique bad asses that we ALL are. I have found a way to enjoy healthy eating, enjoy treats, have a fit & strong body and most importantly I AM HAPPY without obsessive thoughts of food and diets taking over my life.


My own struggles (lasting over a decade) gave me a fire in my belly to learn everything I could about nutrition and behaviour change/ disordered eating habits. I went back to university and became a Master of Science in Human Nutrition and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. My thesis and research was focused on binge eating disorder and emotional eating as this is where I have struggled the most in my own journey and desperately want to guide others away from these self-destructive habits!

IT'S A BABY! An IBS bread baby 😅.jpg
For the first time since I was abouttt 1
Strong Women Program
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What times would work for you, for group PTs/ check ins/ catch ups?

Strong Women 12 Week Program - March -May (FULL)

 Recipe e-book and delicious easy recipes  ... coming

VERY soon...!

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